Who runs the Pop-up Portrait Project?
The project is run by Andy Houghton, a portrait photographer based in Nottinghamshire and a member of the Royal Photographic Society.
What is the Pop-up Portrait Project all about?
As a portrait photographer, and as someone who’s passionate about living and working in the East Midlands, I’m aiming to capture the region’s identity with a series of contemporary photographic portraits of the people who live, work or visit here – and that includes you! I’ll be taking participants’ portraits at pop-up events across the region, and will be publishing and exhibiting the best of these portraits as the project progresses.
How will my portrait photo be taken?
In my pop-up studio, using professional camera equipment and lighting. You’re welcome to come and take a look at the set-up before deciding whether you want to take part!
What will you do with my portrait photo?
Portraits are meant to be seen, and so your portrait photo might appear in photographic exhibitions, in print (such as magazines and/or the local newspaper), on social media and on the project’s website. As well as your photo, your first name (but not your surname), and any biographical details that you’re happy to share, may appear with your portrait.
How long will it take?
Usually no more than 15 minutes – five minutes to fill out a simple permission form, and then about ten minutes to pose for your photograph.
Is my portrait photo free?
Yes. I’m grateful to you for agreeing to pose for the project, so it’s my pleasure to send you a copy of your portrait photo by e-mail, entirely free of charge.
When will I receive my portrait photo?
You’ll normally receive a copy of your portrait photo by e-mail in around 7 days.
Can I use my portrait photo as I wish?
Absolutely – after all, it’s your portrait! You’re welcome to share it on your social media (feel free to tag in the project with #popupportraitproject), to use it as your profile picture, or to print it for display on your mantelpiece!
Will you keep me updated about my portrait photo?
With your permission, I’d be happy to keep you updated by e-mail about any publications or exhibitions where your portrait might be shown. You can opt out of the mailing list as any time by contacting me at popupportraitproject@aol.com.
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